Sea buckthorn tea


A sweet black tea made from sea buckthorn leaves


Introducing my latest creation: a tea made from sea buckthorn leaves from the Majolimé organic farm. This magnificent shrub, known for its orange fruits, also offers us its foliage, which can be used to make tea.
These are the very first batches of this local tea with a bright future.
Rolled, oxidized and kiln-fired like fireweed black tea, sea buckthorn leaves produce a very mild black tea with subtle fruity aromas. It will satisfy tea lovers looking for something new. Enjoy at the end of the evening, for sweetness without theine, as usual.

After imported teas and local herbal teas, here comes the small revolution of local teas from Quebec! Derived from wild local plants, the leaves are hand-picked and processed using traditional Asian techniques. It’s the perfect balance for the connoisseur looking for eco-friendly teas and the delicate, rounded taste so appreciated. You can even enjoy them before bedtime, as they are caffeine-free…

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