Raspberry tea


Raspberry tea with rose aroma. Delicious and round on the palate. Theine-free


A Wulong-style raspberry tea with a floral, rose-like aroma. Women will particularly appreciate it for its medicine. And he knows how to soften men’s hearts. Theine-free

Enjoy on its own, or with a touch of rose honey. Perfect for kombucha

It’s not raspberry tea, but a TEA made from the same leaves, but oxidized in the same way as my fireweed tea and Chinese black tea.

Ing : raspberry leaves


After imported teas and local herbal teas, here comes the small revolution of local teas from Quebec! Derived from wild local plants, the leaves are hand-picked and processed using traditional Asian techniques. It’s the perfect balance for the connoisseur looking for eco-friendly teas and the delicate, rounded taste so appreciated. You can even enjoy them before bedtime, as they are caffeine-free…

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