Fireweed green tea


Gentle herbal fragrance with toasty notes…


Roasted vegetable note…

This is probably Quebec’s first green tea: fireweed green tea! These leaves are withered, heated in vats to stop oxidation and then rolled. Inspired by traditional Chinese green teas. You’ll appreciate the toasty notes on the palate. Another original creation from L’Artisan du Vivant… Inspired from elsewhere, picked and transformed here! Theine-free

This fireweed tea is entirely handcrafted by artisans, from the picking in the wild meadows of Kamouraska to the kneading of the leaves.
Enjoy warm. Perfect for kombucha

Non-stimulant, it can be drunk at any time of day, even before bedtime, as it is caffeine-free.

Ing: fireweed leaves, harvested in Kamouraska


3g or 2 tbsp. tea
1 cup
5 to 7 minutes
± 95°C
2 reinfusions

After imported teas and local herbal teas, here comes the small revolution of local teas from Quebec! Derived from wild local plants, the leaves are hand-picked and processed using traditional Asian techniques. It’s the perfect balance for the connoisseur looking for eco-friendly teas and the delicate, rounded taste so appreciated. You can even enjoy them before bedtime, as they are caffeine-free…


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