Discovery box of 5 sachets


Taste my main teas with this discovery set… ideal as a gift for the holidays!


Not sure which tea to choose?

Here’s the discovery set that will allow you to taste my main teas.

Ideal as a holiday gift. In a magnificent black box.

Composed of 5 small 10g sachets, including :

  • Fireweed black tea
  • Fireweed tea, Wulong style
  • Raspberry tea
  • Northern Tea
  • Evening tea


After imported teas and local herbal teas, here comes the small revolution of local teas from Quebec! Derived from wild local plants, the leaves are hand-picked and processed using traditional Asian techniques. It’s the perfect balance for the connoisseur looking for eco-friendly teas and the delicate, rounded taste so appreciated. You can even enjoy them before bedtime, as they are caffeine-free…


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