A tea to enjoy after dinner, to aid digestion and promote relaxation…


Digestive, relaxing and lemony…

A tea to be enjoyed after a meal, at the end of the evening… to aid digestion and promote relaxation. This highly aromatic infusion will brighten your senses and soothe your mind, thanks to the renowned medicinal herbs lemon balm, monarda and lemon verbena. These red, orange and blue flowers will bring beauty to your cup and your heart. Theine-free

Ing: fireweed tea, lemon balm, catnip, flowering oats, lemon verbena, monarda didyme flowers, lemon thyme, calendula flowers and knapweed.

After imported teas and local herbal teas, here comes the small revolution of local teas from Quebec! Derived from wild local plants, the leaves are hand-picked and processed using traditional Asian techniques. It’s the perfect balance for the connoisseur looking for eco-friendly teas and the delicate, rounded taste so appreciated. You can even enjoy them before bedtime, as they are caffeine-free…

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